Last working week for Wild Child for this year :)

We have had a VERY challenging year, there has not been 1 month that we have not had a significant hurdle to overcome, starting with me being hospitalised early in the year.

It is a testament to the calibre of people that Wild Child has as customers that they have all been understanding of the series of crazy things that has happened to us pretty much all year. I am blessed to have such supportive and patient customers to deal with. :)

It is also a testament to me as a person that I was able to keep dusting myself off and get up and keep moving forward. It is one of the strengths I pride myself on. My ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems. It is made much easier when I am surrounded by lovely people :) so thank you!

Having said that I am looking forward to next year for sure!

I have lots of exciting things in store for me personally and Wild Child :)


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