My Christmas Elves!

They get such a kick out of doing the tree... I used to do my tree, with matching decorations, handblown glass ones, silk covered baubles, beaded tinsel... a-la-posh-department store style.... you get the idea.

NOW that I have children I have had to learn to let go of my inner control freak to a degree and let them decorate the tree how they see fit... mismatched,  broken and handmade peg Christmas decorations, weirdly arranged on a wonky and lopsided tree LOL ... but you know what;  I love these trees much more than the perfectly decorated, symmetrical Vogue living trees I used to have because these ones speak to me.

They speak to me of joyful and excited little souls rushing back and forth from storage boxes, squealing with delight at finding the peg santa they made last year still in the decorations box. they speak of the nearly bursting your sides anticipation of Santa and Xmas day, the wonder and joy of it all.  But the  "oh mum it looks so beautiful!" swoon coming from my 4 year old daughter when she stands back to admire her handy work is character building stuff at it's best!

These are the moments I will remember when I am old... these are the moments my children will cherish :)


Kristie said...

I was exactly the hard for me to just let go and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about perfection.
So hearing ya there....beautiful tree too <3

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