One well nappied babe!

I am glad I got this custom finished in time I was hoping I would :)

This is a newborn stash for a lovely friend of mine. He little man is due in about 4 weeks but seriously could come any day :) and now when he does he can be a Wild Child from birth :) I love that!!!

This wonderful bundle consists of 8 size 1 side saddles and 12 side snap fitteds.

OMG I love this one... I think it is my fav! I definitely will be making one of these for Sophie.

I am SO SO honoured to be asked to make your little man's newborn stash, thank you J for allowing me to make the first stash for another little Wild Child :)


Daanna said...

Lovely!! If we ever have another bubba I def would want him/her to be in your nappies from birth!! Not sure there'll be a 4th one though, have my hands full with the 3 of them for now ;-)

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