What happened to....??? and some exciting news!!!

Tutorial Tuesday and Freebie friday???

Well huh? where are they... where have they gone? they were cool and we want them back!

I know I know they were and I know I have let you guys down a bit with these.

Wit everything that has been going on lately this has kinda slid a little. Sorry about that1 but when you have got as much on your plate as I do sometimes something has to give. Unfortunately this is it.

Next month there will not be a Tutorial Tuesday or Freebie Friday either for a very good reason.... I am proud to announce that I have taken over the management of Minicuteture online shopping mall. If you haven't been there check it out, it is a really funky and eclectic mix of WAHM's with all kinds of beautiful goodies. I have a lot of work to do on Mini and I want to kind of put my own stamp on it. It is going to get a bit of a facelift and there are 2 new stores that have signed up with 3 more in the wings.

I have so many really exciting and amazing ideas for Mini, so I am going to take a few weeks to get things in motion there.

This means that I will not be opening custom slots at Wild Child for a few weeks and I won't be putting an extra work on my load until I get the changes made at Mini.

BUT to reward all my lovely customers who follow this blog.... we will have a double shot of Freebie Friday and tutorial tuesday in September! wooohooo!


Daanna said...

Congrats Michelle, that's so exciting!! Hope it goes wonderfull, I'll be sure to check the minicuture site later! Hope this doesn't mean you can't do our French co-op though...;-)
Marrit xx

The Wild Child said...

Of course not Marrit :) the lovely french ladies are always in my mind. Emailing you today actually!

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