A special custom for a favourite customer.

This custom was for a long standing and loyal Wild Child customer. When S contacted me and asked for a custom with some very special requests I was excited. See she had some favourite fabrics that she wanted made into some cute naps and I was more than happy to oblige.

When I got the fabrics I was a bit stumped by some of them, particularly the frog fabric. After a while of just letting the idea sit with me... (S patiently waited for me to have a break and spend some time with my family) inspiration struck and I was like a woman possessed. I love the nappies I made, so much that I ended up seeking out the House of Haunts fabric for some projects of mine :) both of my sons have already put dibs on it LOL!

I am glad you love them S I did too and it was hard to let them go. LOL


~hello~ said...

Awww... LOVE the frogs!!

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