My divine little princess is 2

My last baby turned 2 on 15 July.

I look back to when she was just a little babe and am amazed that she is now two. She is still a quiet little thing much like her father LOL. But she has an amazing personality, she is a daredevil and quite capable of looking after herself. From the very beginning she has been an absolute joy!

She adores her sister and copies everything that her big sister does, even the less desirable things sigh. But she is a cutie and we love her!

For her birthday we had the standard family tradition of opening the presents in the morning.

She then went and had a party with her friends at Daycare. That night we had the family tradition of the birthday person gets to choose the dinner and that was followed by a lush chocolate cake.

Sophie was amazed when she blew out the candles and quickly gobbled up all her cake :)

She went to bed that night one very happy little camper!


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