They are just divine!

It seems like only yesterday that these two were tiny babes...totally reliant on their mum for everything and now they are developing into beautiful little women with their own preferences, favourites and traits.

My baby............ *swoon* she WILL grow into her ears one day :P

We bought Maya a wooden kitchen complete with pots, pans, utensils and wooden and felt food and wooden cutlery. She has really taken to "cooking" us special meals and her and Sophie play in there for hours together. I was unsure if Maya would like her kitchen....I need not have worried. This is my breakfast apparently, eggs and lemons....yum yum yum!

One of Maya and Sophie's favourite things is to be fairies. I actually think Maya is the main instigator...and Soph happily goes along with that LOL....either way they both look really cute!


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