From Drab to Fab

I have had this chaise lounge for years, it probably would have remained as beautiful as the day I bought it if I didn't have kids. BUT I do and it did get trashed...I had kind of given up on it...when we moved to Brisbane I put it on the front verandah, totally unaware of what Qld humidity would do to it in a very short time :(

Well with a family of four children our lounge just wasn't enough if we all wanted to sit down and watch something together. We talked about purchasing a new lounge but to be honest there were other things a bit higher on the priority list. Then I remembered my chaise lounge outside. Umm now it was uuber ugly, but it did have potential!

My other lounge was a chocolate suede with chocolate brocade cushions and avocado linen cushions. Off to the fabric stash...and this is what I came up with.

Pretty cool hey? the cover is removable so it can be washed and I can change it if I decide I want something different.


Ying said...

Oh wow gorgeous work Michelle! If only I was as talented as you, I would be able to save our trashed couches....

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