Where on earth did that month go?

After the last freebie Friday, I initially took a week off. I was really burnt out, lacking motivation and enthusiasm and my children really needed some time with their mumma.

Well after one week I realised I needed two. So I took it.

When you come back from holidays it is hard to get back into the swing and this time was no exception. But now I am back into it refreshed and energised.

I have finished 13 custom orders over the last two weeks and the last of them will be shipped on Monday. I will photograph and blog them of course :)

We have a HEAP of fitted nappies ready for listing late tomorrow afternoon... really funky prints and always reliable and dependable Wild Child performance!

We are just finishing up some night nappies and in the final preparation stages of release of our Dusk to Dawn covers :) YAY!!!


FionaJill said...

Nice to see you blogging Michelle. Was missing you :)

Bella said...

Cant wait for the release :) Welcome back

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