knitting my head off!

Now I normally don't really feel the knitting love.... to be honest I am a painfully SLOW knitter. I am a perfectionist so my finished garments look like they could have been knitted by machine...... but... it would be a VERY SLOW machine LOL.

Over the last couple of months I have picked up knitting again... which is probably just as well since I have a ridiculous stash of wool. There is no way I would record my stash on Rav.... I think I would get stoned to death for gluttony and greed! LOL

So I have been knitting mostly from Stash over the last few months when I have been unable to work, like when taking children to soccer, watching TaeKwanDo..... sitting in Traffic Jams (as you do) and this is what I have done so far

Sophie modelling her Kaia Babydoll

and Grapes Tunic

In threes cardi for Maya... just need to get some uuber cool buttons for it :)

Maya's Kaia Babydoll Dress (she refused to model it for me! but wears it to death LOL)

At the moment I am knitting a Tiny tealeaves cardgan for Maya in the most lush emerald green/ chartreuse colourway and I am also knitting a very very special project for a lovely friend of mine....which I won't talk about further since she read my blog :P *waves and pokes out tongue* hehehe


FionaJill said...

Beautiful Michelle.
I have been making myself a beanie LOL. Lost the love after about 12 rows!

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