Tutorial Tuesday--- the "Epic" pencil case

The “Epic” pencil case.

Mum I need a new pencil case”....how many times have you heard that before! Well I decided to make Vaughan one this time, one that was big enough and one that would last more than one term, and one that would not leak pens all over his school jumper :(

When it was finished I gave it to Vaughan...it was received with a big grin and “thanks mum that's epic” Apparently that is a good thing :)

So my first Tutorial Tuesday is for the Epic Pencil Case.It is kind of epic I guess, you could use it for a project bag, pyjama bag, add a strap for a special carry all for a demanding little miss (yep you guessed it Maya) or make a smaller version for school lunches. It's incredibly versatile!

Get your supplies together first.... you will need:

(I apologise in advance for the partial imperial measurements.... a legacy from the quilting equipment)

  1. Quilters cotton piece approximately 13” x 10” or a fat quarter

  2. Entrant (waterproof fabric) or polyester PUL two pieces 13 ½” X 10”

  3. Pinwhale Cord (or other sturdy fabric) three pieces

    two 13 ½” X 10” and another 11” X 10”

  4. fusible web or quilters basting spray.

  5. Threads to match

  6. self healing mat

  7. quilters ruler and rotary cutter

  8. 30cm zip

  9. sewing machine.

First cut your fabrics to the above measurements.

Prepare your quilters cotton for appliqué.- Have a look at the design and see how you can use features of the fabric to add interest to your pencil case.

For example in my fabric I chose to accentuate the wavy lines of the design and use them as a feature on the back pocket of the pencil case. Cut out your fabric and either apply fusible web to it or spray the wrong side with quilters basting spray and apply to the pocket section of your widewhale cord and to one outside cord section.

If necessary prepare the shape of your pencil case pocket to match your appliqué, if you have curves remember to clip your curves so that they lay flat when you turn them correct side out. If you are doing a straight top to your pocket then fold over a seam allowance and hem on the wrong side.

Appliqué your quilters cotton panel onto front pencil case piece and onto front of the pocket piece either by hand or using an appliqué stitch on your sewing machine.

Press with Iron on wrong side so as not to flatten the cord.

Right sides together, stitch front and back lining together by stitching down one side, across the bottom, and up the opposite side. With the cord, position the pocket in place against the plain back cord piece before stitching the front and back together, making sure when you do; that you catch the pocket in your stitching. You should now have two “pocket” type looking structures. Clip corners for turning.

Stitch the zip to the cord making sure you keep everything straight and in position. It often helps to open the zip halfway through on the second side. (there are plenty of good online tutorials on how to sew in a zip if you are unsure). Always sew the zip in the same direction on both sides, that way you ensure no puckering and a nice neat zip.

Turn cord outer to right side out. Slip lining wrong side out inside cord outer. So you now have wrong sides together and “pocket inside pocket”. Turn a 1.5cm hem over on the lining and pin in place through all layers.

Very carefully stitch through all layers ensuring you catch the outer, zip and lining neatly.

You can put snaps, press studs or buttons onto the outer pocket if you so desire.

Check out the groovy pocket!!!

You're done!! YAY!!!

Registered followers of this blog can go in the draw to win a free kit to make the “Epic pencil case” in the colourway/fabrics pictured in this blog.

Simply post a comment to this tutorial and Vaughan the owner of the “Epic pencil case” will pick a person at random to win! Winner will be drawn on Sunday the second of May 2010.


Tracey said...

oooh what a cool pencil case - i love it!!!! i have a great zipper tute here, i thought it was from a website but it came with a purse kit i bought - so i've conquered that demon.

I love the idea of your pocket on the side of the pencil case! how handy

NatX said...

Looks great, I am fed up with finding pencils and pens all over the house but never when I actually need one!!
and love the fabric ;)

Mick and Cath said...

Wow. That is so cool! Wish I was crafty enough to make something like this <3

~hello~ said...

It looks awesome! Well done Michelle and lucky Mr V. :-)

Nadine said...

Such a great idea!
Zips scare me a bit :P

Bella said...

Wow I love that! Thankyou so much for the tute :)

Trudy said...

Looks great, I'd love to give it a go

Cruz Clothing said...

Excellent Tute guys!
will def give it a go for my little one

FionaJill said...

Wow Michelle, hear nothing for weeks & then BAM there you are with a fantastic, useful tutorial!

joe said...

I love that fabric!

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