wow what can I say!

It has been a while hasn't it! I find it so hard these days to keep up with all the various bits of media attached to Wild Child! I think I am going to have to get a publicity manager soon LOL

Well what's been happening since July ummmmmm......

well work wise--- the side saddles have been released to outstanding reviews...they have proven to be a favourite of everyone who has purchased one. They are pretty awesome and now make up most of Sophie's stash :)

this is the little princess by the way...she is an absolute joy and an incredibly easy baby! she is now sleeping though the night and is a very happy go lucky little soul who adores her brothers and sister.

Lockie is doing amazingly well at TaeKwanDo.....he really enjoys it and is like a totally different child since he started...he is calmer and more in control of his emotions. In fact today we went to the Tournament and he came third in sparring....he is fearless and reminds me of a erm....ahem.....mongoose....not afraid of a bigger and fiercer opponant and just gets in there and does the job! very impressive to watch. Vaughan also went to the tournament today and I am incredibly proud of him....he was not 100% well and he was afraid....he is quite placid by nature and he was very uncertain of how he would go. Notwithstanding that he went, faced his fears and overcame them and for that I am proud and happy for him and his courage to face his own fears.

Maya is growing into her own now....she is a true little girl and a very robust and confident little person. I can see so much of her in me....she is awesome and very tiring at the same time.

My bestie came up to Brisvegas for a visit at the end of August....we had a wonderful time and spent a couple of days at Eumarella Shores......very nice even though I had to sell a kidney to stay there :P

this is a photo of my best friend Amber with her beautiful daughter .....I luffs her mwah.....

While Amber was up we had a get together and I got to meet all the lovely Brisbane modern Muma mummies....I made some new friends and we have caught up again since was a lovely day.

I got to go down to Melbourne a few weeks ago, my MIL wanted to see all the grandchildren and I though mmmmm I have to fly down with the kids I can spend a week with my mother in law or a week with my bestie....not a hard choice really LOL....

much to my surprise I actually liked friend lives fairly close to the city so it was very differnt from the sleepy beachy Redcliffe I am used to. I got to do lots of cool things and see heaps of cool things. Best of all I got to hang out with my best friend.

this is me with my uuuuber cool Melbourne look:::::::------------- it was cold I had been wearing shorts and t-shirts in Brisbane :P

this is Sophie and Aurelia hanging out together was you can see from the snuggle bubs in the pram......

ummm apart from that it has been work work and more work.......

It is my birthday in 1 actually and this year I want to have a good last 40th was crap....nearly everyone forgot and no one acted like they even cared, so I decided then and there that I would give myself a great birthday the following year. Sooooooooo if I want to take time off for my birthday I need to get heaps of work done now.

I will try and blog more often I can't believe how time has gotten away from me....I am sorry to the followers of this blog who have been bored with my riviting blogging....i will attempt to make blog entries more often.... or get my self a publicity manager...anyone want the job?


berniebabe said...

Great to see you bloging again Michelle :-)

Brissmiths said...

Do I get paid in nappies? Susan :)

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