Well I never have had the pleasure of a gastro bug and I can now say I hope I never ever have the pleasure again.

I got some kind of gastro bug last week and it really knocked me for a six. I could not even sit up for 6 days, I spent my time between the bathroom (the toilet or shower) and the lounge. I didn't eat for 4 days and could not keep down water. I still breastfed Sophie though :-( she did get cross when there was barely any milk for her....but luckily DH was able to fill her up on other foods and offered her plenty of water.

I can honestly say I have never been that sick before and at one stage I was considering going to hospital but realised there was little they could do for me, especially since I am still BF, so I just had to ride it through.

I am back at work now, but am still weak and shakey so am going to take it easy this week.

Thanks for all the emails, PM's and MSN's much appreciated and I will get back to all of you as I can.


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