The birthday girl

Well last week my last baby turned one!

She had a wonderful day with lots of mummy time and time with her family.

As per our family tradition she had her favourite food for dinner which was organic chicken casserole followed by a birthday cake. She has never had a birthday cake before so mummy made the decision for her....chocolate mud cake with chocolate cover profiteroles on top.

Seems she likes cake!

This was finished off with a breast feed from mummy and a bath with her big brother....what more could a little girl want in life?

this is a wonderful book from mummy's best friend Amber...this book is now all the children's favourite!

this is also another favourite! the wooden table activity set...she loves it!

all the siblings helping to open the presents....Maya was the MC (of course!)

Sophie still hasn't quite got the hang of the wheely bird...Maya has Sophie really doesn't get much of a chance to practice .......

Chicken casserole...yummmmmm

and chocolate mud cake........she ate a whole adult sized slice OMG!

ready for a bath.........

and then off to bed pontypine!


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